New Natural Slate Roofing

New Natural Slate Roofing in Cumbria

Natural slate roofing is one of the most stylish and stunning roofing materials available, giving your home a unique and attractive finish whether it is a contemporary or modern style, which is one of the main reasons it is so popular.

Why choose natural roofing slate?

Natural slate has been used on roofs for centuries, and is incredibly long-lasting, just take a look at the churches and old buildings around you – natural slate roofing can have a lifespan of up to five times longer than other roofing materials. The longevity of natural slate means that it can be considered an environmentally friendly product because it does not need replacing with new material every 20-30 years.

Because slate is a natural stone, it is not affected by varying natural and manmade elements. It is impermeable to water, does not grow moss and algae, and is completely fireproof. These are just a few of the benefits of natural slate roofing, along with its longevity and natural beauty.

Here at Cumberland roofing, we fitted all different types of natural slate across Cumbria. Welsh, Spanish, Canadian, Brazilian slate and Argentinian slate. Each has a slightly different appearance and vary in size, colour and texture.


Why choose us?

  • All work completed to BD5534 British Standard Regulations.
  • Highest quality materials used.
  • All new roofs fully guaranteed.



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