Dry Ridge Installation

Dry Ridge Installation in Cumbria

A dry ridge system is a method of mechanically fixing ridge tiles to the ridge of a roof without the use of mortar.

Though there are a few different systems within dry fix itself, by far the most popular approach is with ridge roll ventilation. This method involves covering the roof batten with ridge ventilation roll and adhering it to the tile or slate. One by one, the ridge tiles are then installed over the ventilation cover to secure it in place and are laid across the apex of the roof using plastic unions, clips, clamps, screws, and washers.

The unions secure the tiles together with a small expansion gap while the clamps are placed between tiles and screwed down into the ridge board or batten. This provides a windproof fixing that will ensure no tiles come loose over time, accounting for natural expansion, contraction or any other type of roof movement. Fitting a dry fix system can be done regardless of what the weather is doing at the time.

Once fully installed, the top of the roof will look very similar from street level to how it would if bonded with mortar. However, unlike mortar bonded ridge tiles, a dry ridge system should not require regular (and often unsafe) trips up to the roof to assess and maintain loose or missing ridge tiles. This makes dry fix systems a safer, less bothersome option.

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